As a photographer, I really enjoy getting to know the couples and their stories. To me, it’s much more than a project of striving to get pretty images during a cake cutting, dancing or saying the words “I do”. It’s an experience full of emotions and unique moments that you rarely get to live twice. Because, in the end, all you want is to look back at your greatest moments in life and feel exactly what you felt then. And whether I’m capturing a wedding or a normal day, it is equally important to me that you express your emotions freely, as if nobody else is around.
I do love taking beautiful images, don’t get me wrong! But what I’m looking for as a professional photographer is for my work to tell your story. My goal is that you look at your photos in the future and experience those exact moments and feelings that you felt back then. It might seem challenging, but I believe that through mutual trust, great things can be achieved. All I ask, is that you concentrate on your feelings and not merely strike poses.

If that’s what you’re looking for, get in touch and let’s create something beautiful together!